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Victor Sågfors, Janne Hyöty, Teemu Lillrank, Anna Timgren, Jasmine Kara, Jimmy Burney, Andreas Öberg, Skylar Mones, Fredrik Hult, Andreas Weise, Ida Söreklint, Rickard Blomgren, Patrik Rasmussen, Emil Gullhamn, Sebastian Hallifax, Dimitri Stattos, Tomas Harm, Andreas Olsson, Johan Åberg, Chris Svensson, Mats Ronander, Jannike Stenlund, Bernhard Wittgruber, Viktor Johansson, Jack Rowan, Justin Balk, Basti Becks, Dillon Dixon, Elaiza, Anna Naklab, Arne Wehkamp, Tobi Reitz, Jon Sine, Loren Nine Gerts, Chantal Roeters, Matthew Tasa, Lena & Laura Kloos, Oscar Ackermann, Anja Kastner, Hans Thomann, Daniel Gramer, Manfred Mueller, Rene Mueller, David Whitley, Andreas Jäger, Walter Rührig, Peter Sax, Julia Buchner, Karl "Charlito" Raith, Werner Denzer, Pietro Rainone, Håkan Thorell, Linus Wessman

Why elevenbstudios?
It all started as a teenager in my parents garage. I sold some
old stuff from the attic and bought my first pair of studio
monitors. I spend too much time trying to tweak an Alesis D4
into the best sounding drumkit in the world..
The number on our house was eleven, and mom called the
garage "eleven b" because i practically lived there.

Why #recordingwagon?
Making music and writing songs takes a lot of energy.
After many years of travelling around the world, working
in studios that looked pretty much the same, I needed a change.
If you gonna make music then you need inspiration. If you
gonna create something new, then you need to be creative.
So I came up with this equation:

"creatitivy + inspiration = music"

Nothing inspires me more than nature. Nothing makes me more
creative then when I step out of my comfort zone.
Turning a caravan into a mobile studio was the best of both worlds.

Life is a journey, not a destination
- Bernhard Wittgruber

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